We are

We are an enthusiastic software development outfit. A team of multi-certified professionals always ready to create out of the box solutions.

We make any system imaginable a reality. Based in Poland, we provide top quality software that serves the world. Check us out!

Our strengths

One Complete Solution

From requirements definition and specification, architecture design, UXD, coding, testing and validation to product maintenance and support, we can handle it all in any combination.

Quality Assurance

Each project at Katana is under the supervision of a dedicated quality assurance team that monitors all project activities and results at each development phase.


Depending on specific requirements, our experts will take clients through each phase of solution development, step by step, providing sound advice on technology and application design options.

Imagine a development team ...

Every website, app, or system starts out as a vision in someone’s mind. We are Katana – an enthusiastic software development outfit based in Poland. We make any system imaginable a reality. Our number one goal since setting up in 2006 is to become the dream tech partner for businesses all over the world.
We know that technical expertise is only the first step to becoming the greatest development partner imaginable, so we started out with a different approach – We set out to create the perfect place to work and being so good that we would like to hire if we were the clients. Here is the kind of team we strive to be.


Web Applications

We have huge experience in developing web applications using ASP.NET MVC, Angular 2/4, Entity Framework, SQL Server and Azure. We can also create just frontend apps using as backend services like Firebase, Parse, Backand, Azure Functions.

Mobile Apps

We can create both native and hybrid mobile applications for all major platforms – iOS, Android and Windows. We’re experienced in Xamarin, Cordova (PhoneGap) and NativeScript.

Backend & WebAPI

If you need just a backend for your software we can provide a ready-to-use solution on Azure.


Additionally …

We take up no space in your office

You should never think it is hard to get a great offshore development team on board. We know that getting a team of local talent together is a big ordeal and that’s why we are very happy to offer it to you totally hassle-free. Choose us and you will get star programmers, architects and quality assessment personnel of international standard without having to publish any single ad or review any job application.

We are effective and cost less

Our clients often say that they hire us, not for our great price but for our amazing skills and productivity, the great value they get as a bonus. We charge less than most East European competitors and are competitive even with Asian rates. Just tell us about your project and we will show you really how cost-effective we are.

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